Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Who am I ?

I am a famous. I have white hair and a long white beard. I always wear a red suit. Aduit and children like me. Every year I go to take a long trap on a special night. I tracel in a magic sleigh.The sleigh doen't have a engine on winge. It is pulled throgh the night sky by eight renideer. I fly all even the would and visit house where children live. I know if the children have been good or bad during the year. I an bring candy and toy to the good children and pieces of coal to bad children.

War and peace

Since the time men learned to live in communities, in the remote past, wars have been fought at reqular intervals in varous pants of the world. In fact, the histrrg of the human race is manly a communities and nations.
wars are caused mainly by human greed and ambition. In the early days of men's existence, many communities live a very hard life, owing prehaps to the lack of geofraphical advantages or intellectual ability. As a result, the prosperity of others communities aroused their greed and envy, and wars bentween communities became intvitable. One side found to conquer the prosperous communities in order to gain control of the means of prosperity, and the other side found sideto defend it independence and way of life. With the passage of time, the communities developed into nations, and wars were fought on a bigger scare; but the basic causes of war remained the same. It was only occasionally that battles were fought with other aims such as, the capture of a woman to satisfy the sexual lust of conqueror or ruler.